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The Emerald Haven is Free Now

The Emerald Haven is now up on Amazon, Smashwords, Wattpad AND Offprint. There's also a link to download the epub file directly right here on this site on the "Works" page.

The next book is coming along, working title "The Amethyst Dawn". It will be the third and final entry in the Sapphire Shadow trilogy, so get pumped, get hyped, leave reviews and ratings or just...you know...enjoy the story!

More Links for The Sapphire Shadow

As promised, I've added new links for The Sapphire Shadow over on the "Works" page. It's up on Smashwords again, finally. There's also a link for a direct download of the whole book in EPUB form! Taking me a bit longer to get around to it than I would like but The Emerald Haven will be available in all the same places/forms soon enough.


So here's the thing: My first book was free as long as you were paying for Kindle Unlimited. But I've cancelled its enrollment in KDP Select, so it costs ninety-nine whole cents now on Amazon no matter what.


The whole reason I did this was so that I can post it for free wherever else. SO, if you click on over to my "Works" page, there are now more links by the book. It's up in its entirety on Wattpad and Offprint right now, and coming soon it will also be available on SmashWords. I just want to make sure the ebook is nice and cleaned up first. Said ebook will also be available to directly download, for free, from my website. The Emerald Haven will be getting the same treatment at the end of December when its KDP Select enrollment term is up.

Obviously I really appreciate it if you love the book so much that you spend a dollar on it anyway. But I have no problem with the book being free and shared far and wide. Leave a review! Tell your friends! If you really really HAVE to give me money, there's a Ko-Fi link at the top of this page!

Made It Home

Went on a trip. Had a few weeks off there, just resting and getting myself together after working on The Emerald Haven for so long. Felt good, feeling ready to get back on the keyboard. The third and final book in the Sapphire Shadow trilogy isn't coming soon, but it is coming.

Side note, I was too late to mention it in time, but HAPPY SPOOKY MONTH. If you click on over to the "Works" section, there's a link to some free short horror stories down at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

THE EMERALD HAVEN is live on Amazon!

My new book is out! You can find a link over in the WORKS section. Big thanks to everyone who read the first one and told me they needed a sequel, it really kept me going. The book will be free starting tomorrow until 10/5, so grab a copy! THANK YOU FOR READING!


It's coming out a little later than I wanted, BUT. The sequel to The Sapphire Shadow is all set up on Amazon and going live this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1ST. THE EMERALD HAVEN picks up several years after the events of the first book, and you can find the link and description over on the WORKS page! Many thanks to everyone who helped me get this put together! It's been a long, weird couple of years since the first book came out, but here we are. Please check it out, tell your friends, leave a rating or review!


Hello and welcome! I now have a website where you can find me, my writing, and any news about my writing! Currently that's only one novel and a series of short stories over on the WORKS page, but the sequel to THE SAPPHIRE SHADOW should be released later this month.


Here you can find things that I've written. I've included links both to places where you can pay money for them, as well as places where they can be read or downloaded for free. If you enjoy my work and want to support me with a dollar, that's great and I appreciate it. If you don't have a dollar, enjoy my work anyway and tell your friends! Leave ratings and reviews!


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Adoring praise?

You can send all of those to jameswakewritesbooks@gmail.com

You can also find me on twitter @WakeBooks